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Together with our partners we are present at PRSE 2024

We are excited to announce that SPS | Solids Process Solutions, along with our partners Kubota Brabender Technologie, Extruder Experts, and ECON, will once again be present at the Plastics Recycling Show Europe on June 19 and 20, 2024, at the RAI Amsterdam!

Safely extrusion of food with new steel grade

A new steel grade for twin-screw extruders ensures the safe extrusion of food. The use of this new steel grade is approved in accordance with Regulation 1935/2004/EC.

Partnership with Granusteel for spare parts for underwater pelletizers

SPS is pleased to announce that as of March 1, 2024, it has become the exclusive agent of Granusteel, a quality supplier from Austria of spare parts for underwater pelletizers for the plastics industry.

New system quickly, safely cleans and wipes pelletizing dies

Our partner Bay Plastics Machinery, specialized in strand pelletizer systems has created a fast, versatile and customizable die wipe for on-demand startup of automatic strand pelletizing lines. Full cycle time is approximately four seconds depending on die width. A 400 mm die face can be wiped in as little as a quarter of a second.

Retrofitting of dosing units is an interesting option

Feeders are robust and can take quite a bit of mechanical punishment. They still function defect-free after many years, even decades in service. But feeders sometimes need to be overhauled and reconditioned or their control systems have to be upgraded. Such retrofits give feeders a second lease of life.

Energy-saving innovation for the granulation of rPET/PET

The ECON PET-Edition provides a highly energy-efficient solution for the granulation of rPET/PET, making a valuable contribution to the circular economy. In the world of PET recycling, the kW/t value of recycled material significantly impacts the profitability of production lines.

Unprecedented precision in wear parts for extrusion technology

Since the start in 2006 our partner Extruder Experts has continuously and successfully worked towards its position as a leading manufacturer and service provider for wear parts of twin-screw extruders, constantly striving for perfection in the world of extrusion technology.

Selecting the right dosing screw

For dosing powders, pellets, flakes and fibers in a wide variety of processes, there is a wide choice of diverse types of dosing screws. The challenge remains in selecting the most appropriate dosing screw for a specific application.

Automation for quality pellets in the plastics industry

Today’s plastics industry is responding to new challenges. A holistic view of downstream equipment should be considered.

How efficiently runs your extrusion line?

How efficiently runs your extrusion line? In this article 3 ways to improve productivity. Industry 4.0 offers many opportunities, but certainly also challenges in which better performance is expected from compounders.

New digital, interactive brochure Brabender Technologie – Specially developed for dosing solutions in hygienic processes

The new interactive user-friendly brochure makes it easy to navigate to the right
information about dosing solutions…