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SPS | Solids Process Solutions are the experts in the field of dosing, extrusion, pelletizing and inspection for the BeNeLux. At an early stage we advise manufacturing plants in the selection and use of solids process equipment and ensure direct delivery between you as an user and one of the quality brands we exclusively represent.

With more than 25 years of expertise, in-depth knowledge of food, feed, pharma, plastics and chemical industry, as well as of the applications and products to be processed, we always know how to find the right solution with a maximum lifetime for your specific need and challenge.

With our pro-active attitude and Total Cost of Ownership approach, we increase your production efficiency and output.

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A wide range of solutions

SPS | Solids Process Solutions offers a wide range of equipment for dosing, extrusion, pelletizing and inspection. Depending on your specific needs we will find the right and economical solution.



Like no other, you know that accurate and constant dosing of ingredients in your process is crucial for your product. After all, you want to avoid product rejection. A full automatic, self-controlled feeder and control of the correct dosing are important. You do not want to face downtime due to bridging, clogging or dust formation and long cleaning times.



The best use of wear resistant parts in your extruder is essential for excellent performance. Wear of extruder barrels and screws due to abrasion or corrosion should be postponed as much as possible. Here we offer extruder barrels, shafts and screw elements with longer lifetime and unsurpassed performance for twinscrew co-rotating extruders.




A constant shape, size and weight of your pellets puts you at the centre of good granulation. We offer various, easy-to-use solutions for pelletizing polymers: strand pelletizers, underwater pelletizers and air pelletizers. Reliable and automatic self-controlled equipment. Our pelletizers have an extremely easy and fast start-up process with short cleaning times.



You want to be able to guarantee the quality of your pellets; you want to be able to detect deviations in pellets such as black specks, tails, shape, size and shift of colour. We offer inline inspection solutions. The systems are small in size, easy to integrate in your process line, easy to operate, quick to clean and have an affordable price.

Our brands

SPS | Solids Process Solutions is the exclusive agent in the Netherlands and Belgium for these brands:

Why you cooperate with SPS

We are more than an agent: as your partner with our knowledge and experience, we are able, together with the quality brands, to look beyond your specific problem and immediately analyse other process steps, so that you always get integrated advice. Even after delivery by our manufacturers of our high-quality solutions, we remain involved and in close contact. If you have a specific case or having problems, the lines are short and speed is what you can expect from SPS.

  • Closely involved in your process

  • We focus on your requirements and wishes

  • Short lines of communication with you and the manufacturer's internal organisation

  • Intensive contact with the manufacturers

  • Know-how of your process and experience with the manufacturers

  • Total advice

  • We understand your challenges



We go for excellent service. At your location we do a performance scan of your dosing installation, free of charge and without obligation, regardless of the manufacturer. Please contact us.

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