Extruder Experts

The best use of wear resistant parts in your extruder is essential for excellent performance. Wear of extruder barrels and screws due to abrasion or corrosion should be postponed as much as possible. Extruder Experts offer extruder barrels, shafts and screw elements with longer lifetime and unsurpassed performance for twinscrew co-rotating extruders.

General overview

• Leading manufacturer of wear parts for co-rotating twinscrew extruders
• Years of experience with highly wear-resistant special steels
• Video inspection and wear measurement
• Advise by experts for selecting the most suitable special steels
• Specialised in the manufacturing of extruder shafts, screw elements and barrels.

Main features

• Decrease of wear
• Increase of extruder performance
• Optimal functioning of cooling channels with the Cool and Clean concept (patented)
• One partner for all your brands of co-rotating twinscrew extruders
• Reduction of your stock for cost-intensive wear parts

Extruder Experts – Product overview

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New Barrels

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Cool and Clean

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Process Optimizing

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