Bay Plastics Machinery


A constant shape, size and weight of your pellets puts you at the center of good granulation. Bay Plastics Machinery offer various, easy-to-use solutions for strand pelletizing of polymers. Reliable and automatic self-controlled equipment. Bay Plastics Machinery pelletizers have an easy and fast start-up process with short cleaning times.


General overview


• Specialist in strand pelletizing systems since 1961
• Made in USA with CE declaration and metric dimensions
• Focus on customizing the standard version according to your wishes
Joint-venture with C.F. Scheer between 1998 and 2008


Main features


• Strand pelletizing systems 25 mm – 1,000 mm wide
• Robust and reliable design
• Serpentine belt drive

• Granulation of micropellets from 125 µm (patent)
• Pellet evacuation system for strong dust reduction (patent)
• Easy adjustment of pellet length via touch screen control panel
• Short cleaning time due to the friendly and quick access to the cutting room


Bay Plastics Machinery – product overview