A constant shape, size and weight of your pellets puts you at the centre of good granulation. We offer various, easy-to-use solutions for pelletizing polymers: strand pelletizers, underwater pelletizers and air pelletizers. Reliable and automatic self-controlled equipment. Our pelletizers have an very easy and fast start-up process with short cleaning times. Due to the patented nozzle design, our underwater and air granulators are extremely resistant against freezing.

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Underwater pelletizing

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Underwater Pelletizing System

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Vibration Drying System

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Pellet Dryer

Air Pelletizing

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Air Pelletizing System

Automatic Strand Pelletizing

Strand – Flash-off conveying

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Flash-Off Conveyors

Manual Strand Pelletizing

Strand Air Knives

Water Baths

Fluidbed dryers

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Vibration Drying System EVS