Double Screw Batch Feeder with Stirring Agitator

Double Screw Batch Feeder with Stirring Agitator

  • Loss-in-weight batch feeder voor slecht stromende of schietende poeders.
  • Stainless steel hopper, stirring agitator activated for consistent screw filling and mass flow of solids.
  • Interchangeable screws and screw tubes allowing quick adjustment to changing ingredients and feed rates
  • Easy and quickly cleanable version available
  • Separate hinge motor with stirring agitator (not available for DDSR20).
  • High-tech weighing system for high weighing accuracy

Batch dosing

  • Loss-in-weight batch dosing
  • Hopper filling level is determined by weight before the batch is started
  • Feeder automatically stops when reaching the target weight computed by the controller
  • High batch accuracy due to feeding in coarse/fine flow or “A.R.T.” mode
    (“Automatic Rate Turndown”)

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